20 Most Promising IT Financial Management Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising IT Financial Management Solution Providers - 2017

As IT is transforming into the business technology, the organizations are having the same level of expectation from it as they do with any other business operations. They want to measure, improvise, and document IT performance with respect to the investments made. However, an enterprise-wide financial management system lacks the capabilities necessary for management of IT costs at a granular level. In such a scenario, IT financial management (ITFM) software augments an organization’s accounting systems by improving IT cost accountabilities, monitoring IT spending and by gathering information from numerous sources, it assists in IT decision-making throughout the business units.

ITFM software integrates disparate IT financial management processes offering the organizations a full-scale visibility into operations of both physical and virtual IT assets. With automation and activity-based costing model, the organizations can map resources as well as external and indirect costs with regard to IT. Also, with the data available from ITFM practice, information on performance and progress can be easily collected and analyzed. Accessing such accurate data enables the organizations to build a roadmap forecasting actionable insights for optimum performance.

In addition to its wide range of proficiencies, ITFM software is available both for on-premise deployment and cloud service. However, adoption of cloud accompanies notable transformation in the systems, processes, and operations of the business, as no investment is required in hardware, software or physical infrastructure.

In essence, ITFM is all about making IT leaders speak the language of business—finance. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations choose the suitable ITFM software provider who can understand the dynamics of the business. Keeping that in mind, CIOReview has charted out top 20 companies offering tailor-made and efficient ITFM solutions. The companies featured here offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that can help your business succeed.

We present to you “20 Most Promising IT Financial Management Solution Providers - 2017.”

Company Name

Company Description

Apptio [NASDAQ:APTI] Provides cloud-based applications for IT and finance that allow leaders manage, plan, and optimize technology investments across on-premises and cloud
Botmetric Provides solutions that are backed by Botmetric SaaS platform to benefit medium to large companies in achieving their strategic business & cloud transformation goals
Cimpl Provides customers with financial security, insurance, and investment products
Cleanshelf Offers solutions that makes software cost planning a simple calculation
Cloudability Provides cloud financial office that drives migration success and operational excellence
CloudCheckr Unifies IT, security and finance teams around the cloud and provides total visibility, deep insight, and cloud automation and governance
Comindware Provides financial management software for CFOs
Forsythe Technology Provides financial services and solutions which also includes one payment usage options
Ideagen Provides market-leading information management, safety, risk and compliance software solutions that allow organizations to achieve operational excellence, regulatory compliance and reduce risk
Lontra Provides service-Centric IT Financial Management solutions that has developed a series of five workshops for IT Financial Management professionals
Nicus Software Provides solutions for faster, smarter, more effective, and more efficient management for IT finance and business information
Oracle Corporation [NYSE:ORCL] Delivers functionality, analytics, security, mobile capabilities, and social collaboration tools for businesses
PMG.net PMG is the transaction engine powering IT financial management for comprehensive pricing and cost allocation across enterprise
Premios Group Premios offers software measurement, software development, and consulting solutions
Proven IT Finance Offers an unparalleled practitioner's approach to maximize the value of IT
ServiceNow [NYSE:NOW] Enables finance department staff to efficiently fulfill submitted requests including financial reports, procurement, and payroll issues
UMT360 Provides PMO, IT, business and finance leaders with the critical business planning
Upland Software [NASDAQ:UPLD] Delivers measurable business value by maximizing project performance, optimizing services utilization and cost, and by adding detailed financial transparency behind the value of IT
VMware [NYSE:VMW] Offer solutions to make smart financial decisions also provides on demand services
Zylo Enables companies to discover, manage, and optimize their cloud investments across the enterprise